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The 2019 International Gay Coaches Conference

May 2 - 5, 2019


A Professional Gathering

Attendees at the Gay Coaches Conference come from the corporate world as well as all varieties of private practice. Our common thread is our "calling" and our commitment to excellence as coaches.

A group of like minded...

As gay men we share a certain common set of experiences, a wisdom of what it is to be "other" and a unique vantage point that is afforded by those traits. You'll find others that speak your language and get who you are.


Skills & Tools

The sessions offered at the Gay Coaches Conference include workshops seen no where else as well training presented here for  a fraction of the cost you'd find them elsewhere.

Relax & Renew

The conference is held at Easton Retreat Center in upstate New York. An area rich in beauty and wisdom. hiking trails, time in nature, sauna, hot tub and poolside time are all options.


What some of last year's attendees have to say...

Pre Conference

You have unique talents. 

Mind-blowing abilities. 

The things which are easy, simple and straightforward for you— others cannot do, or else they must work twice as hard to accomplish. You have gifts which others don’t have, and understanding, owning and embracing that is the key insight you need to realize your greatness.


Main Conference

It’s a special year for the Gay Coaches Conference. In the spirit of inclusion, the 2019 Gay Coaches Conference theme is “Everyone’s A Coach: Bringing More Coaching To All Professions."

The conference is open to gay coaches – whether you’re a coach in training, a practicing coach, credentialed coach, or master coach. It’s also open to gay men who want to explore coaching and include it in their profession.


Scholarship Program

Back by popular demand.

As a way to introduce gay coaches to the Gay Coaches Alliance, a limited number of GCA Conference scholarships are available for the May 2019 conference.

Scholarships cover the cost of programming, Quad level room and board, and the additional cost assessed for the one-day Pre-Conference Institute. Applicants apply either for both the one-day Pre-Conference Institute and main conference or for the main conference only. We do not cover travel expenses.



Join Us May 2 - 5, 2019