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Deadline Extended to March 15th

Scholarship Application for the 2018 Gay Coaches Conference

NEW FOR 2018!

Scholarships are available  for non-members being sponsored by a current member (see GCA Members). Scholarships are subject to review and are decided on a rolling basis (first come-first answer).

Members who would like to arrange a scholarship for a non-member are encouraged to complete an application on behalf of the non-member. Unfortunately, travel costs are not covered by scholarships. The Scholarship Does include: conference registration, lodging and meals.

Two scholarships are for conference assistants and a limited number of scholarships are available for general participants. All scholarship are for gay men who are currently coaches or who are seriously wanting to move towards becoming coaches.

If you are a GCA current member and if would like to put in an application on behalf of a non-member,  do so below.

If you are a non-member and think that you might benefit from coming to the conference, but you need some assistance with the application, go to the member list and identify a member who resonates with you. Current members can help you look at the opportunities and rewards of attending the GCA conference.

Scholarship Application

IMPORTANT:  Scholarships are subject to review and are decided on a rolling basis (first come-first answer). Unfortunately, travel costs are not covered by scholarships.  The Scholarship  Does include:  conference registration, lodging and meals. Applicants must be referred/sponsored by a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance.

About the Recipient:

administrative assistant (2 scholarships available) general participant (a limited numberof scholarships available)
main conference program only main conference and pre-conference institute Scholarship for Pre-Conference Institute only (The scholarship recipient will pay for the main conference on his own - separately)

With the other two options, the registration will be completed internally once the scholarship is awarded. All SCHOLARSHIP attendees must still provide credit card information to Easton as part of their check-in. No charges will accrue. This is only to cover unexpected charges for services separately requested.


All accommodations are for QUAD Level lodging. PLEASE BE SURE TO LET YOUR APPLICANT KNOW. Should the SCHOLARSHIP ATTENDEE desire a change in accommodation, there will be an upgrade charge which the SCHOLARSHIP ATTENDEE will have to pay.




To facilitate the notification of the scholarship to the person receiving it, the sponsoring coach will be notified of the award.  After telling the recipient, if there is some change in his desire to come to the conference, please pass on that information as soon as possible.

YES, should the recipient change his mind, I will inform the GCA promptly NO, should the recipient change his mind, I will BE UNABLE to inform the GCA promptly




Sponsoring members of non-member applicants are expected to "buddy" with the applicant to be sure that they are comfortable with experience and to assist in any questions or problems that might come up.

YES. I will buddy with the applicant during the conference NO, I have a conflict and will be unable to buddy with applicant during the conference

Please Note: Saying NO to either acknowledgement may impact the scholarship application.


There will be a wait list for potential recipients. While we may award a limited number of individual scholarships on a "first come-first answer" basis, plans change.  The wait list is one way to allow later applicants the potentially benefit from the scholarship process.  Once all the scholarships have been awarded, the Website will be updated to receive wait list applicants only.

Many thanks.
The programming and executive committee members of the GCA