Terrific Testimonials

with Jeff Moore


When a prospective coaching client raises an objection, how do you handle it? It may be “I don’t have the time?”, “You are too expensive”, or “How do I know this will work?” Those questions and others like them are buying signals. Your prospect is asking for your help overcoming his internal resistance to trading something concrete and specific—his money—for something vague and uncertain: the experience of working with you. That’s great news. If you are prepared to help overcome that resistance, closing the sale gets much easier. This workshop gives you a specific way to prepare and practice. Here’s how: The best response to most objections is a story starring someone just like your prospect who has same concerns, the same resistance, and who overcomes the resistance, leading to a happy result. I call that story a terrific testimonial. At the workshop, you will learn to create and use terrific testimonials to close sales.