Bye Felicia! Say Goodbye to the Fear of Feedback for Coaches and Clients

with Jeff Nally


“Hey, can I give you some feedback?” Those words strike fear in the hearts and minds of our coaching clients. Coaches fear giving and receiving feedback, too. Why do we respond this way? Blame it on your brain. Feedback triggers a threat response that’s as primal as a caveman running from a hungry lion. But there’s good news! We can say “Bye Felicia!” to the fear of feedback, and help our clients receive feedback from others as gift. And we can take the fear out of giving challenging feedback to our clients, too. In this session, you will learn and practice brain-based methods to: 

  •  “gift” feedback to your clients without triggering threat responses in the brain
  • teach clients how to ask for the gift of useful, meaningful feedback
  • incorporate the gift of feedback in clients’ everyday interactions
  • help clients review any 360-degree feedback report with ease
  • manage and monitor clients’ emotional journey through the fearful phases of feedback during coaching sessions 

It’s time to tell fearful feedback, “Bye Felicia!”, and unwrap the present that you and your clients really want - the gift of feedback.