Transforming Your Client’s Future Self Projections

with Tom Keydel


This workshop uses a series of role-plays to highlight “coachable” opportunities for personal growth. The workshop is built around two exercise sets: 1. Developing Awareness: True satisfaction and contentment have more to do with actualizing yourself that with actualizing your concept of who you imagine you are supposed to be. The security of one’s self-concept is that it creates artificial security. The first set of role plays looks at how easily client’s “act into” their self-concepts. The soul cannot rest so long as identity denies it. How does the coach find the right openings to let the client engage with a greater range of awareness? What are the cues and signals coaches should be looking for? 2. Re-visit and Re-decide: The openings that coaches get are the one’s which their clients choose. Can the client be at choice and play with options? To transform future self-projections, a client needs some clear tools to reinforce a variety of potential new approaches. In this second series of role-plays, the coaching demonstrates coachable openings by drawing attention to Comfort Zone awareness, and eliciting some client “hunger” for what is missing, by helping the client make a future action assessment of potential opportunity.