So what’s that really costing you?’ . . . Using the ROI Approach to Help Clients Get Unstuck

with Tim Kincaid


Return on Investment (ROI) is a common analytical approach used to determine if value received is worth a cost. But the usefulness of ROI analysis isn’t just limited to hard numbers for financial decisions. Equally important to traditional quantitative costs/benefits (i.e. time, money) are qualitative costs/benefits (i.e. psychic, well-being, health). During this interactive workshop, we will play with an ROI Matrix worksheet to explore ways in which coaches can help our clients to methodically evaluate the full costs/benefits of their current state and compare with anticipated costs/benefits of an alternative choice. Breakthroughs are possible, as this simple ROI comparison brings clarity to clients on just how much something costs them (e.g. a job, a relationship, an obligation), to make better-informed decisions. They may discover a tipping point, where what may have served them at one time (good ROI) may no longer serve them. You’ll leave this workshop with an ROI worksheet as a new analytical tool to use with your clients, and in your own life, too!