Coaching and Therapy: What you need to know

with Shane M. Scott


This workshop will discuss mental health and substance abuse conditions look like within the gay community. It will explore the warning signs, symptoms, and the impact of these conditions have on the gay community. Through exploratory activities, discussion, and critical thinking, participants will explore the impact that substance use has had on their lives. In addition, the impact of the sometimes-devastating consequences related to mental health and substance abuse will be discussed. This workshop will also explore some of the challenges that occur with these conditions, the socialization and normalization of alcohol in the gay community, and other consequences related to substance use and mental health. Participants will also be able to identify and understand the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse within this community. We will also discuss where to get further information and identify resources. Participants will also gain knowledge of the symptoms and diagnostic criteria for these conditions. The parallels and differences between coaching and therapy will also be discussed.