You’re Either Networking or Not Working: Getting and Giving Business Building Support

with Jeff Moore & Tim Kincaid


This workshop is for those who love networking. . . AND especially for those who don’t.

It’s no secret that networking for business development is important, and often very challenging. Building a successful coaching practice (or any business) isn’t a solo activity. We all need help – and we also all need to help others. During this highly interactive session, you’ll gain new perspectives on business development support through networking that align especially well for those of us who are in heart-centered helping professions. You’ll get clearer on how to succinctly state your mission, and articulate what support you want. You’ll also identify the support you can offer to others. Then we’ll do several rounds (think: “speed dating”) to interact and exchange with many other gay coaches. We’ll explore ways to tap the power of private group networking channels (e.g. Slack) to continue and expand your circle. You will end our time together with awesome new contacts and resources, and clear action steps – for the rest of the weekend, and to take home with you. GCA is a wonderful networking resource that is better when we all lean into it. After this session, you may never look at networking the same!