Touch Me

with Arnie Katz


All of us want to be touched.

Yet, sometimes asking for touch can be challenging. It can bring up fears of rejection, insecurities about our appearance, issues of worthiness, and even old wounds and memories. What if we created a space where we can bypass old stories and practice asking for touch in the moment, knowing that we will receive it in a SAFE and RESPECTFUL manner, and that we will support each other in the process in a caring way? In TOUCH ME!, each man will have multiple opportunities to ask for touch and to have the experience of receiving it. We will work both in pairings and in groups to help diversify and expand our experience. Participants can expect to gain an increased sense of connection, trust in themselves, and the ability and practicing of asking for what they want, and of course, to receive a lot of nurturing touch! There will not be oil used for this workshop, and the touch is always done with sensitivity and respect for boundaries.