Coaching and Supervising with the 7 Eyed Model

Terry Hildebrandt & Jeff Nally


In the last 10 years, many models have been developed to support coaches and coach supervisors. Probably the most popular model currently used in coaching supervision is the Seven-Eyed Model created by Peter Hawkins. We will also explore how the Seven-Eyed Model is equally powerful in coaching with clients. This model examines the client-coach-supervisor system from seven different perspectives. These include: (1) the client’s context, (2) the coach’s interventions, (3) the relationship between the coach and the client, (4) the coach’s self-awareness, (5) the relationship between the coach and supervisor including parallel processes, (6) supervisor’s reactions and reflections, and (7) the wider context and system. Using the Seven-Eyed Model, the supervisor and supervisee engage in rich dialogue and reflection resulting in insights that can expose blind spots, deepen self-awareness, and open possibilities for new client interventions. During this workshop, Jeff and Terry will demonstrate how the model works and give all the participants a chance to use the model during the workshop on a relevant client situation. Walk away with a new tool to take your coaching to a new level.