Being A Conduit For Your Clients

Being A Conduit For Your Clients


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Allen Siewert


Explore what being a conduit means for us as helping pratitioners. While it might be helpful to have a guardian angel that whispers important info in your ear to move a session along, there are practical ways to develop our own "voice" that informs you what next to do. Using sacred intimate tools, we will practice vulnerabilty, trusting the moment and opening to play so that we can better step away from ego and truly be useful.


allen siewert 04Allen Siewert has worked as a Sacred Intimate since 2002 with over 500 different men in over 5000 separate erotic sessions. With the goal to help men to heal, to grow, to face fears and to experience new levels of joy and pleasure. He has a not-so-secret agenda to foster play and connection in sexual expression between men. His adult film work includes the main character of Joe Gage's "Dad" series. A native of West Texas, he was a "sensitive" boy who would rather bake cakes than play football. He never met a butthole he didn’t like.


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