Mindfulness & Coaching

Mindfulness & Coaching


Presented by

Brian Falduto


An opportunity to discuss the potential impacts & benefits of mindfulness as pertains to your self-care & self-development as a coach, your role as a coach, challenges you face as a coach; & also, the implementation of mindfulness within coaching conversations themselves. It can also be an opportunity to look at your view of mindfulness in a personal sense & any curiosities or experiences around building a practice.

  • How can we use presence to get beneath the story of the client?
  • What intelligence can the body offer to our clients & how do we help them cultivate an informative relationship with their body?
  • You've likely heard the saying, "We are human beings, not human doings." Coaching is a forward moving process which often places an emphasis on "doing." How can "being" be more useful to the client?

This presentation will be a free form discussion where we'll examine some of the above as well as whatever thoughts, questions, or shares that come up.


falduto450Brian Falduto is a coach in the areas of Mental Health & Wellness, Emotional Well-Being, Behavioral Health, & Mindfulness. Brian is perhaps best known for his child actor days in the cult classic film School of Rock. He has had various opportunities to share his story, most notably his now viral interviews with Now This News (5+ million views) & The Advocate (4+ million shares). Brian hosts The Gay Life Coach Podcast & has been named by PrideLife Magazine as one one of the "the 20 most influential, outspoken, & optimistic individuals on the planet." @brianfalduto, @thegaylifecoach


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