Removing the Mask; Coaching the Unconscious for Greater Awareness, Resilience and Power

Removing the Mask; Coaching the Unconscious for Greater Awareness, Resilience and Power


Presented by

Michael Kline


The world is calling. As coaches, we have a unique opportunity to amplify our positive impact on important issues the world over. Answer the call to take your clients deeper and further to dramatically magnify our collective positive impact. Infused with RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory), this very experiential workshop will demonstrate skills to make the unconscious, conscious. Discover how clients spontaneously identify issues that were not in their awareness. Help them easily find inner resources they've never felt before. Experience how clients can easily move from reactionary to empowered choice. Learn how you can create greater safety, trust and engagement so clients will go deeper than ever before to dissolve their hidden, forgotten, or otherwise unconscious blocks and saboteurs to success, choice and power to much greater outcomes.

RIM is a technique that helps turn on a client’s emotional operating system so that old stuck emotional memories can flow through them organically and naturally. This is a closed-eye, verbal, whole brain and body transformational tool that quickly and easily releases stuck negative emotional memories and regenerates them into positive ones. During this presentation, participants will explore how well RIM can be used as an adjunct tool to complement and deepen their practice as a coach.



kline01Mike is the 11th of 12 children born to an abusive, alcoholic father, living in a junkyard. He lost his mother at age 7 and was raised by emotionally abusive relatives. Growing up gay in a Midwest catholic family, only added to his resiliency and resourcefulness.
He eventually became president of a regional franchise company, then a successful entrepreneur. Mike is a Certified Barrett Consultant, Canfield Trainer and Master RIM Facilitator and Trainer. His passion is helping coaches facilitate better outcomes for their clients.
He lives in Florida with his husband of 32 years and their new Labradoodle Luke.

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