Telling Difficult Stories through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Telling Difficult Stories through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®


Presented by

Dean Meyers


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitation methodology that was designed for small groups to form teams and advance creatively and enjoyably into complex problem solving, such as strategic scenario planning. However, the focus on putting all of the emotional investment in the models created, and being "at play" where all things are possible and all voices are to be heard and understood to advance the common good makes this method ideal as a safe environment to hold all kinds of critical and potentially painful conversations, from social issues to personal trauma. The stories lie in the models, and the models can be transformed instantly, in front of our eyes, giving us inspiration and hope for real change to happen. And, if the model is broken, it can be rebuilt or modified and made better. This workshop will be an all hands-on, all hands-in play session, divided in two parts: first, holding the space for one-to-one engagement, where we can sample using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for narrative coaching; then as a group holding the space to coach a critical conversation through building metaphoric models of how things are and how they might look.
Workshop will present:
1) The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method (version 2.0) (adapted from the content released in Creative Commons licensing)
2) Sample questions derived from SMART-based coaching practices applied to the LSP method for individual coaching (non-specific to leadership, life coaching, transformational coaching, etc).
3) Group/Team formational exercises applicable to working groups or groups that form for personal growth, transformation, or health. These exercises create safety and a formal method of addressing all topics where every voice is heard, all individuals are present and engaged, and shared understanding is a key goal.
4) Understanding how to form questions and function as a non-participant facilitator of storytelling, narrative, and problem-solving to eliminate the facilitator's biases.
5) Instill accountability in the "model builder" for both the content of the narrative story and ownership of the story as well.
6) Reinforce ICF competencies in an active mode (while at play)


dean meyersDean Meyers is a visual facilitator, trainer and transformational coach, employing a wide variety of visual, kinesthetic/somatic and "play" modalities to engage the body, mind and spirit. His work spans from large enterprises working on innovative change in culture, practices and processes to individuals, particularly from the LGBTQIA+ communities, seeking to live an authentic and healthy life that doesn't have to conform to heteronormative values.


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