Awareness To Action: 
Disrupting Limits In Moving From Choice To Change

Identifying the clients you wish to serve, with strategies for attracting and supporting them

  • How to structure and operate your coaching business, including marketing, operations, client work, and other functions, based on the chosen impact you want to have on the world.

  • Tools, techniques, and methods for attracting clients, helping them explore who they are at a deeper level, connecting with areas such as values, spirituality, nature, and emotional intelligence.

  • Personal and professional brand - Clear, concise, and concise marketing strategies that get to the heart of who you are, what you offer, and who you can serve.

  • Conscious coaching businesses that inspire and invoke change beyond ourselves that has a broader impact on our world. How relevant is our awareness in helping clients become more of who they are in a way that shifts beyond their own needs?

  • Sharing your experience and passion for identity, spirituality, and living in authenticity and truth in your ideal market for coaching. How to help our fellow coaches (and our clients) discover who they are at their core to support themselves and others.

  • What do we gain from being our true selves in how we show up professionally? Including better connecting with the clients we most want to work with. What are the positives, and are there any potential pitfalls? Selecting coaching niches based on who we are and our various identities.

  • Awareness of artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact of coaching practice and coaching businesses.

Owning your professional development as a coach, embracing new perspectives to develop your coaching skills.

  • Practices to gain deeper insights into your development, knowing yourself better by exploring core values, personality styles, sexuality, strengths, skills, and other areas that can be a mirror for practices with coaching clients.

  • Topics, tools, conversations, and creative practices that move us and our clients from self-awareness to self-improvement.

  • Perspectives on the "power" of coaching for visioning and empowerment. For example, coaching styles, questions, visioning exercises, play, workshop approaches, and other unique approaches.

  • Key topics for coaching perspectives - Adult development, life stages, and life transitions. How do people evolve as they mature in age? What changes over time? What to notice in our clients, and how we can help them move forward.

  • The development of internal wisdom (trusting self as a tool) is balanced with adopting external resources, tools, training, and certifications.

  • The path of coaching ACC to PCC to MCC, coach mentoring, and coaching supervision. The journey of professional coaching through the ICF.

  • Working with creative practices, such as play, music, photography, art, drawing, writing, journaling, and reflection in life. How does this benefit you personally and potentially you’re coaching and support the shifting of a fresh voice or a new perspective?

  • What do we need to know about ourselves to tackle challenging life events, such as trauma, mental health issues, substance use, addiction, and recovery? Processes of self-discovery and connection to help ourselves and our clients in these areas.

  • Understanding the growing and emerging trends in plant-based medicines, such as THC, psilocybin (mushrooms), mescaline, ketamine and ayahuasca. How is this relevant for us individually, and what interface could it have with our coaching?

  • Exploring topics related to non-ICF modes of coaching and other related work. Including the work of sacred intimates, somatic therapy and sex coaching.

Choosing a life aligned with your identity and values and sustaining the courage to create it

  • How do your values and identity impact your coaching business? Exploring the balance between how much of your beliefs, values, and identity you present professionally and what you choose not to show.

  • Exploration of pitfalls, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and risk-averse behaviors. All the parts of us that hold us back from putting our wants, hopes, and dreams into action.

  • Exploration of possibility, opportunity, dreaming big, courage, success, uniqueness, and putting our wants, hopes, and dreams into action.

  • The choice to make a change. How to acknowledge change that is needed and embrace change that we and our clients want to see in themselves. Doing the hard work!

  • Knowing your limits and breaking the glass ceiling on limiting beliefs.

  • How, as coaches, we work with 'self-talk'. Driving accountability and ownership of our choices. Supporting our clients to develop confidence and other resources, moving from self-doubt toward self-improvement, and the courage to keep going!

  • Sharing your experience, practices, discoveries, and journey in spirituality, energy work, reiki, massage, mindfulness, breathwork, connecting with nature, somatic coaching, building presence, and other areas.

  • How are conversations and a deeper understanding of the US relevant to our lives, communities, and coaching work? Awareness of mind, body, and spirit connections in building community, based on our identities as gay men.