Elias Scultori: The Artistry of Coaching

The Artistry of Coaching


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Elias Scultori


What framework do you use in your coaching conversation?

Are the "rules" of coaching constraining or empowering you as a coach?

What could give you even more support as you conduct a coaching conversation?

As coaches, we walk a fine line between technique and connection, structure and instinct. We believe that it is when we are able to weave methodology with the inner landscape of both coach and coachee that the transformational magic happens. This is the artistry of coaching.

A place where we feel confident, centered, and competent. Our coaching becomes more effective, valued, and effortless.

During the session, attendees will receive coaching tips on how to more effectively integrate the ICF Core Competencies to their personal style, broaden their perspective of the coaching process, authentically leverage their own instincts as a coach in alignment with industry standards.

Attendees will leave the session with a deeper awareness of the benefits and importance of bringing an intentional framework to the coaching sessions, a deeper appreciation for the framework already established by the International Coaching Federation.

Elias Scultori


Elias Scultori is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), renowned for his expertise in empowering leaders to integrate the coach approach into their leadership styles. He serves as an official certification assessor and a registered Mentor Coach for the ICF.

Elias is faculty member at UT Dallas and ICG. More recently, he has combined all his experience and mastery of coaching to cofound the PRIME Coaching Academy embracing an even more prominent role in shaping the next generation of coaching professionals.

Elias's work is commitment to DEIJ supporting clients to refine their voices and establish a commanding presence at the table.