Avoiding Zoom Burnout with Online Collaborative Tools

This is a fully collaborative all-hands-on workshop to introduce online platforms for remote work, that engages all uses to work together in real time to collaborate, co-create and employ visual communication (written, typed and drawn), with and without audiovisual communication from participants. There will be two classes of platforms used: 1) online collaborative whiteboards (Zoom, Mural) and collaborative content creation tools (Google Docs) 2) survey/polling/questionnaire/voting tools: (Mural, Zoom, Slido, Mentimeter).

The workshop agenda topics:

  1. How to design a virtual Meeting that empowers all participants to engage beyond talking on camera?
  2. Best practices for being a remote facilitator/coach (setting yourself and participants up for success)
  3. How to encourage and "read" participant engagement online without the camera or participants speaking
  4. Balancing Introvert vs Extrovert behavior via non-verbal/non-camera based interaction
  5. The facilitator or coach as the technical host: creating the safe space online, with or without high-end tech skills
  6. When we play, we learn, we grow; improving connection, listening, attention, collaboration and creativity in a remote world. But that means making it safe: how can we model safety, openness and curiosity remotely to fill the gap of distance?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Introduction to other types of synchronous online platforms that allow collaborative communication other than audiovisual conferencing
  2. Learning alternative/best practices in setting up and running different kinds of meetings remotely (for the solo practitioner)
  3. Learn how to read online behavior of meeting participants (other than verbal and facial/body visual cues) to have better control of outcomes of meetings
  4. Consider gamification, play, and other visually-driven processes (using templates, images, etc) to improve engagement, outcomes, and participant's enjoyment of meetings online.
  5.  Learn how to draw from your personal communication style and methods to create a safe and beneficial environment that works best in an online environment.

Facilitated by:

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Dean Meyers

Dean Meyers is a visual facilitator, trainer and transformational coach, employing a wide variety of visual, kinesthetic/somatic and "play" modalities to engage the body, mind and spirit. His work spans from large enterprises working on innovative change in culture, practices and processes to individuals, particularly from the LGBTQIA+ communities, seeking to live an authentic and healthy life that doesn't have to conform to heteronormative values.


Session Details

Session Start Time January 21st, 2022 1:00 pm EDT
Session End Time January 21st, 2022 2:15 pm EDT
Location Zoom Call