Coming Out Stories, Past, Present Or Future

Pete will use innovative, fun methods and tools to facilitate meaningful discussions, lessen internal and external conflicts and build bridges between people. The program will explore 'Your Coming Out Story'. Each participant will have an opportunity to share or deeply listen to stories (past, present or future). Individuals will self select photographs that feel meaningful to them and will explore their story through the photographs and creative tools provided. This will be a very experiential workshop and a container for sharing, openness, empathy, vulnerability and strength in shared story telling. You will develop deeper connections and relationships. Exploring what gives you strength or holds you back today. Experience the power of Points Of You experiential tools. Come with an open mind and an open heart and be prepared to put your coaching skills to good use in cultivating trust and safety, listening actively and maintaining presence to evoke new awareness in self and others.

Peter Simmonds is a professional life and leadership coach (ACC) and facilitator, based in Boston, MA and principal of Summit Coaching LLC. With humor, compassion, and accountability, he empowers people to increase self-awareness, think through different perspectives and helps them operate with originality to generate choices that are congruent with who they are, what they want and the impact they want to have.