Jim Cartwright

Cultivating Drive in Moving Forward with Your Coaching Business


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Jim Cartwright

Are you looking to increase your drive to get your business off the ground and/or maintain it over the long haul?

Do you have clients who need to strengthen or refine their drive as they pursue their goals?

In this session, we'll explore a wide range of literature focusing on drive (including but not limited to Move to Greatness, The Prosperous Coach, Client Attractor, Drive, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, and No Bad Parts), as well as insights gleaned from gay ancestors and interviews with members of the Gay Coaches Alliance and others. 

The workshop will be both theoretical and experiential. Experiences will include individual and whole-group somatic exercises and small group break-outs involving powerful questions. We will look at the role of creativity in increasing drive by looking at a variety of creative modalities, including creating a character who symbolizes your drive and exploring drive through music, visual art, and other innovative approaches.

Learning objectives include increasing access to your and your client's internal sense of drive and pinpointing where you most need to focus as you move forward with your business.

Join me in this session designed to activate our drive and support others in pumping up their drive, too.

Jim Cartwright


Jim Cartwright is a holistic life coach, university professor, singer-songwriter, and author.


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