Deeply Known: Finding Meaning Where Sexuality and Spirituality Meet

With Adam Robersmith and Dave Allen

The aim of this workshop is to help participants explore the overlaps and interconnections between the ways in which sexuality and spirituality help us understand ourselves, one another, and the world more fully; to see gay sexuality as valid and valuable -- if not sacred -- and spiritual understanding as available to us, regardless of damaging messages from elsewhere; and to share a way of thinking about these deep, intimate ways of knowing that can both help us personally and support how we work with clients around these forms of understanding, too.

While we will have frank discussions of sexuality and spiritual experience, the workshop will not be a sexual experience or involve instruction in specific spiritual practices. Instead, we'll be exploring how our experiences of sexuality and spirituality have similarities (knowing through intimacy, vulnerability, play, and non-intellectual actions) and complementary information (enhancing relationships, sense of grounding and embodiment, physical and non-physical comfort and satisfaction). We'll look at ways in which sexuality and spirituality have helped us grow in ways that other forms of understanding or learning have not.

About Adam Robersmith

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The Rev. Dr. Adam Robersmith is a Unitarian Universalist minister, spiritual director, and storyteller. Educated at Cornell University, Starr King School for the Ministry, and Chicago Theological Seminary, he has studied science, theology, history, and the arts. The range of his interests and education allows him to support the spiritual and religious lives of people with a wide variety of beliefs and spiritual practices. When he isn't ministering, he is also a gardener, fiber artist, and baker who loves a good workout. He lives in the woods in Connecticut with his partner of 24 years and their dog. 

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