Immersive Cultural Event: Drag Playshop with Drag Mama

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do drag?

What has held you back from stepping into that fabulous frock??

Are YOU one of THOSE gay men that has said, “I’LL NEVER DO DRAG!


Let’s not forget our history and the civil rights we enjoy today. It wasn’t the upper west side sophisticated opera queens at the Stonewall. It was the crossdressers, transvestites, and drag queens that stood up to the harassment of the cops.

Easton Mountain has its own drag room, the Candy Store, packed with everything you need to assemble an amazing outfit, including dresses, wigs, shoes and accessories.

Challenge yourself and dip your toe in… Perhaps you’ll just find some pumps or a lovely broch to wear. This workshop is for the neophyte and experienced drag queen. Come and have FUN.

This is a judgement free space…. Okay that may be a bit of a stretch when it comes to queens!!

Drag Mama (aka Doug Moffat) has been dressing up and preforming since she was three.

Through the decades, she ain’t going to tell nobody how many as a real lady never tells her age, she has helped countless gay boys get in touch with their inner drag queen and let that new found queens' light shine out into the world. She will help you do the same.