The Enneagram and Coaching: The journey of self-discovery

The Enneagram describes nine “enneatypes”, which means nine mental types, where each human belongs to one of them and offers great possibilities in coaching processes with gay men, not only in clients, but also for professional coaches.
The Enneagram distributes humans into nine personality types, along with three predominant instincts in each person. As each enneatype is accompanied by one of the three predominant instincts, so there are 27 personality types. This tool is an “instruction manual” of human behavior where the motivations (conscious and unconscious) that exist in each of our behaviors and attitudes can be understood.

Instincts: To work efficiently with the enneagram, it is advisable to work on the identification of instincts, which allows us to discover our strengths and the “blind spots” of our personality, which will give rise to starting the path of self-knowledge. Three basic instincts are identified, and every human being has it (Preserving, Navigating and Transmitting).

The objective of the session is to learn more about the Enneagram and the three instincts; inviting attendees to go deeper into these tools, once the meeting is over.
An experimental session, where it is estimated to include a couple of groups conversation practices on the topics.

Facilitated by:

Miguel Ángel Sevilla Mayol

I am a sociologist and coach, I am also a Mindfulness practitioner and an Enneagram facilitator
The last decade I have been working and studying in global organizations in the private and public sectors, in different countries (Egypt, South Africa, Latin America area...), where I focused on topics such as Human Rights, Gender, LGBTI diversity and Social Development. Currently, my life takes place among Spain and Chile.
My way of coaching is based to help people to find out their life purpose and to identify their areas of strength and challenge through Enneagram and Mindfulness.



Session Details

Session Start Time January 22nd, 2022 1:00 pm EDT
Session End Time January 22nd, 2022 2:15 pm EDT
Location Zoom Call