Dragan Mitric, Mike Findlay, Joshua New: Healing through authenticity

Healing Through Authenticity- Tackling Toxic Positivity, Facing Hard Truths, and Cultivating Genuine Support


Presented by
Dragan Mitric, Mike Findlay-Agnew, and Joshua New

It's a stark reality that mental health challenges affect gay men at higher rates, a fact supported by data. Shame, depression,suicidal thoughts, and trauma are sadly prevalent in our community. In response, some individuals may feel compelled to present an excessively positive facade, both in-person and online. However, this toxic positivity often masks the deeper issues that lie beneath the surface.

This plenary session will delve into the crucial topics of healing through authenticity, in the process challenging toxic positivity and fostering supportive environments for gay men's mental health. Through engaging activities, insightful discussions, and real-life case studies, attendees will explore strategies for facing hard truths and creating space for meaningful conversations.

Together, we will examine everyday challenges and develop actionable steps to provide effective support for our clients and ourselves.

Key Takeaways for attendees:

  1. Gain practical tools for dismantling toxic positivity and nurturing authentic, supportive environments for mental health, with coaches leading the charge in creating safe spaces.
  2. Apply insights from case studies to real-life coaching scenarios, leveraging the coach's expertise to navigate challenges and foster growth.
  3. Inspiration from sense of community among gay coaches with a focus on supporting our clients with healing through authenticity
  4. Gain coaching skills by discovering effective strategies to support clients, leveraging unique perspectives and guidance provided by presenters

dragan mitric


Dragan Mitric is ICF accredited transformational coach and founder of Dragan Coaching based in Hudson Valley, NY. Dragan brings a unique blend of personal, professional, and academic insights to coaching. At the core of his practice is a commitment to creating a dedicated space for clients for authentic growth and transformation. Dragan’s passion extends to researching the distinctive challenges faced by the LGBT+ community, with the ultimate goal of driving positive change. Dragan empowers his clients to step into their light, breaking free from societal expectations and making choices based on who they are and what they really want.


mike findlay


Mike Findlay-Agnew is a transformational coach based in Glasgow, Scotland. His coaching business, Rising Fox, is on a mission to support as many LGBTQ+ globally to be more comfortable and confident in themselves.

Mike brings his 20 year career in Comms and third sector leadership into his coaching, and is also the CEO of the International Network of Street Papers, who are on a mission to tackle homelessness and poverty.










joshua new



Joshua New grew up on a large dairy farm in Central New York.  He has lived in many different places throughout his life, including overseas for a while. Joshua was a software developer for almost 20 years until he became burned out on it and decided to change it up and become a Gay Coach. This was cemented last year attending the GCA Conference.

Joshua's practice focuses on interpersonal relationship development, trauma recovery, sexual health, well-being and many other areas.