Coaching Conscious Leadership for Environmental and Social Change

Coaching Conscious Leadership for Environmental and Social Change


Presented by

Chris Cooper


Conscious leadership is all about change and transformation for a better world. Considering the impact of leaders on all stakeholders they interact with, including their communities and wider society, including the planet, is what makes it different to other approaches to leadership. The focus is on sustainable, long term, positive outcomes for all, rather than short term profitability and a win-at-all-costs mentality.

Coaching conscious leadership starts with being a conscious leader yourself. This session will help you explore your own impact on the world, examining what it means to be a force for positive change in creating a better world.

We will cover practices that enable you to achieve higher levels of conscious awareness, which you can use for your own personal and professional development as well as with your clients.

The session will also focus on how through coaching you can encourage the clients you work with to examine their own impacts as leaders, both professionally and in other areas of their lives. Helping you see your role as a coach as being part of a movement for positive change in the world through greater consciousness - and turning this awareness into action.



chris cooperChris Cooper is a Conscious Leadership and Career Coach based in Manchester, England. He help people to raise their conscious awareness and connect with the values, energy and skills needed to perform at their best.

Chris’s work draws strands from coaching, positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP and spiritual practices to create a unique formula for helping people become conscious leaders across all aspects of their lives.

His philosophy is that for a better world we need more emotionally and spiritually driven leadership.


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