Coaching from Victim to Creator: Overcoming the Dreaded Drama Triangle

Coaching from Victim to Creator: Overcoming the Dreaded Drama Triangle


Presented by

Terry H Hildebrandt


We are witnessing an explosion of individuals and groups getting stuck in the dangerous mindset of victimhood. This workshop explains the dreaded drama triangle where clients and coaches get trapped into disempowerment, blaming others, and despair. We will also explore how to coach ourselves and our clients to escape the victim lifestyle and move into empowerment to stop blaming others, stop looking for rescuers, and take ownership for our lives. Learn to spot a victim mindset and how to coach clients to regain their hope and power to have to life they want.


  • Learn how the dreaded drama triangle keeps us trapped in a victim mindset
  • Learn how “The Empowerment Dynamic” creates options to move us out of victimhood into freedom
  • Practice coaching each other to identify the roles of perpetrator, victim, and rescuer
  • Learn how to avoid getting trapped as a coach into rescuing our clients
  • Discuss options to move our clients away from a victim lifestyle to an empowerment lifestyle
  • Explore the roles of Challenger, Coach, and Creator



terry hildebrandtTerry Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC is a master certified executive coach, organization development consultant, coach educator, certified coaching supervisor, and author. He is the founder and CEO of Terry Hildebrandt and Associates, LLC, and a Gay Coaches Alliance member. He is also the former Director of the Evidence Based Coaching Program at the Fielding Graduate University. Terry is certified in over 30 instruments. Prior to starting his own business in 2008, Terry worked at HP for 22 years. In 2018, he received the GCA’s Thomas J. Leonard Award. He earned his PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding.