Covid-19 Policy

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to our conference at Easton Mountain. As a group, we are working hard to making the conference as safe for everyone as we can, given Covid-19.

When attending the conference, you will be subject to Covid policies of both Easton Mountain and Gay Coaches Alliance.
Please note: Easton Mountain’s policy was updated on February 15th, and may continue to be updated.

To be clear and make this as easy to understand, we have picked out the actions you will need to take in advance of and on arrival at Easton Mountain.

  1. All attendees of the International Gay Coaches Conference 2022 must by FULLY VACCINATED against Covid-19. For avoidance of doubt, this definition includes having a booster jab since late summer/autumn, following your initial vaccination dose or doses.
  2. You must send by email to Easton Mountain proof that you have been fully vaccinated AND provide proof of a negative COVID test result with the results received within 72 hours of arrival. The email address to send this to is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. The GCA will also be conducting a second on-site test upon arrival. You will be required to be tested again in the parking lot before coming onto the property and going to the front desk to check-in. The GCA will provide the test kits.  If you have positive test results, show any symptoms of Covid-19, or are unable to provide proof of vaccination, you will not be able to participate in the retreat. You will be asked to return home as soon as possible and seek medical attention if necessary.
  4. When checking in at Easton Mountain, you will be required to sign the Covid 19 waivers of both Easton Mountain and Gay Coaches Alliance, the latest versions of which can be found at the links below. Please note, these documents may be updated prior to the event:
  5. Failure to comply with any of the above may result on you being refused entry to the event.

The conference will be staged in accordance with CDC recommendations and local government guidelines. It is our intention that this will be a ‘masks off’ event for participants and we will not require social distancing to be observed. You are welcome to wear a mask if you prefer to do so.

We will have a supply of rapid flow tests available should any attendee exhibit Covid-19 symptoms during the event. Easton Mountain is setting aside rooms for isolation in the event of an attendee testing positive.

Easton Mountain’s community and the staff working at the venue are subject to Easton Mountain’s Covid Policy 
Please be aware that the protocol outlined here may change in the event of any new Covid-19 variants and new restrictions being implemented by the CDC.