2023 International Gay Coaches Conference Presenter Application Form
In-Person Conference
May 3-7, 2023

2023 Spring Conference

Gay Coaches Alliance (GCA) is a professional association of people who identify as gay men. Members work as coaches or in allied helping professions, or use coaching as a key component of their work.

We aim to build a supportive global community through regular online and in-person events. Our events help to build community and provide continuing professional and personal development. We promote coaching as a method to help each other, and our clients, to have a greater impact on the world.

We are a diverse group, drawn together by our sexual orientation and our passion for coaching. We stay together to inspire, empower, develop, and support each other and our clients.

As a group, we aim to be a welcoming space that allows coaches to:

  • Share ideas, skills, and knowledge
  • Grow, learn and support
  • Promote the value of coaching for gay men and by gay men
  • Promote our members’ coaching practices and businesses
  • Grow our global network of gay coaches for collaboration, referrals, development, and support.
  • Raise the visibility of coaching in the gay community
  • Encourage gay men to become coaches.

Although ICF membership is not mandatory to present at our events, we work to align all professional contributions to ICF core competencies and code of ethics.

The theme for the 2023 International Gay Coaches Conference is:

Who We Are.
Exploring Identity In Creating Change

There are three components to the theme. All submissions should align with at least one of the following:

The Three Components

Click on each component for examples of workshops that may be appropriate. Please use this as a guide only and feel free to be creative.

Bringing more of the real 'you' into your purpose as a coach
  • How to bring the 'real you' into your coaching business. Do you have a business that is ALL YOU? Exploring the balance between how much of your identity you present professionally and what you choose not to show.

  • What do we gain from being our true selves in how we show up professionally? Including, better connecting with the clients we most want to work with. What are the positives and are there any potential pitfalls? Selecting coaching niches based on who we are and our various identities.

  • Supporting coaches to gain deeper insights and know themselves better by exploring core values, personality styles, sexuality, strengths, skills and other areas.

  • Sharing your experience and passion for identity, spirituality and living in authenticity and truth. How to help our fellow coaches (and our clients) discover who they are at their core.

  • Spiritual practices that influence how you interact and work with others, such as astrology, cosmetology, religion. What does "spirituality" means to you? How may this show up in our work as coaches?

  • How to structure and operate your coaching business, including marketing, operations, client work and other functions, based on the chosen impact you want to have on the world.

Guidelines for Presenters: 2023

  • Your topic must fit into at least one of the conference sub-categories listed above and align with GCA values interests, specified in the first section of this page.

  • The speaker is an effective presenter and can engage and sustain audience interest.

  • Content is relevant and customized to the coaching profession and GCA members.

  • Speakers understand the engagement is not paid

  • All workshops must be stand-alone sessions. The promotion of other sessions and services delivered by the coach (and any organization they may represent) outside of the conference is strictly prohibited.

  • The speaker does not have to be an ICF coach. They must however hold recognized coaching qualifications to be eligible to present and have a clear understanding of what coaching is in connection to their presentations, as defined by ICF

  • We will be seeking ICF credits for workshop sessions, if this is appropriate for the session. In the application form we will ask if your session aligns with ICF Core Competencies.

  • 75 minutes in total will be allotted for delivery of each session.

  • Submissions will be reviewed by the conference committee. You will be notified whether your submission has been successful following the closing date for submissions of 1st of December 2022.

Thank you for your interest.

For questions, contact Peter Simmonds at pete@mysummitcoach.com or call (603) 903-4383.