Keep it in the bedroom. Why sex and sexuality matters to all types of coach.

Robert Kegan described a theory of adult development that continued from where Piaget and the others left off. Most gay men already realised that the box society put them in was not the box that they felt they belonged in. For some, this leads to shame and negative experiences. For others, this leads to greater self-awareness and an understanding that being 'authentic' is often a simplification.

By becoming aware of a client as a whole, complex person - not just a CEO but also a lover, not just a manager, but also a submissive, not just a shareholder but also a parent - coaches can find resources throughout clients' lives and help them to become more integrated, whole and successful.

Doing so requires courage and honesty. This workshop will challenge you to consider your own limits and boundaries and how you can encourage clients to bring their true whole selves to your coaching sessions.

Facilitated by:

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Matthew Bennett

Matthew is an ICF accredited coach, a hypnotherapist, a lifestyle dominant, an online erotic content creator and a world traveller. With a background in teaching and assessment, Matthew has presented in over 13 countries on topics as wide as how to write multiple choice questions to boundaries in BDSM. He's also a GCA board member.


Session Details

Session Start Time January 22nd, 2022 2:30 pm EDT
Session End Time January 22nd, 2022 3:45 pm EDT
Location Zoom Call