Kink Skills in the workplace: Punishment and Reward

Kink Skills in the workplace: Punishment and Reward


Presented by
Matthew Bennett

In BDSM, we use both punishment and reward. Whilst many view kink as a mindless mix of spanking, whipping and rope bondage, in reality, there's a large amount of emotional regulation and motivational work going on behind the scenes.

However, by working so openly with both punishment and reward, some of the ways that they can both be used to motivate people you're working (or playing) with can be uncovered. In this light hearted session, we will be looking at when punishment and/or reward can be used, and why.

Coaches attending this session will consider how they can motivate themselves to be the best in their work - and offer ways to help their clients to motivate themselves and those around them.


matthew bennett


Matthew Benntt is a life and executive coach, a hypnotherapist and a kink educator and content creator. He works with people in the LGBT+ and kink communities to help them become more integrated in their lives.

With a background in science education, assessment design, sales, marketing and training, Matthew has had a wide range of skills and uses them to disrupt, inform and entertain!

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