The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go


What’s holding you back from connecting with others? Ego? Resentment? As coaches, we are all looking to create deeper relationships when we’re networking with colleagues, coaching our clients, and when presenting in front of groups. Understand the role of the ego and how bringing awareness to it can give us more freedom to connect with others.

Together we’ll invite more connection in our life as we discuss where resentment limits us from being present in relationships. After an open discussion on forgiveness and sensitive scenarios, we’ll take steps towards forgiveness in a powerful group meditation inspired by the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Ho’oponopono to help our subconscious let go of our ties to the past.

We’ll also discuss letting go in group settings, have the opportunity to challenge our own egos, and learn tips on creating authentic and mindful spaces through engaging facilitation.

with Nathan Serrato

Nathan is a Coming Out and Identity Coach helping LGBTQ+ youth and adults live with more confidence and purpose. With a background in marketing, Nathan also works with business owners with brand identity and digital media. Nathan runs a gay men’s meetup group that celebrates sacred sober space in San Diego County and also volunteers for local LGBTQ+ organizations.