Celebrating Success of the 2020 Gay Coaches Virtual Conference

gca2020virtualNot even a global pandemic could prevent Gay Coaches Alliance delivering a fantastic event for its global community this Spring.

Due to COVID-19, we were sadly unable to convene as usual at Easton Mountain for our usual conference. Instead, at very short notice, Gay Coaches Alliance took the event online for a two day virtual onference on 30th April and 1st May.

Eagerly attended with lots of enthusiasm by conference regulars and lots of new faces, the event proved to be a great success.

The conference consisted of online versions of seven of the workshops originally planned for the face to face, plus social activities, including an online lunch and a happy hour, following the last learning session.

The conference opened with Brian Gorman and Jeff Nally delivering an abridged version of their planned pre-conference day session on the neuroscience of changing minds and behaviors. Even as a shorter session, this still proved really impactful for attendees, who learned a lot from the vast combined experience of the presenters. The first day continued with a workshop on Non-Violent Communication by Noor Alexander.

The second day showcased content by newer members of Gay Coaches Alliance, Kyle C. Elliott, Carson Cooper, Matthew Bennett and Rick Clemons. GCA is proud to be able to showcase topics less likely to be found at other coaching conferences. This year was no exception, with Kyle exploring how attendees can uses their unique 'fabulousness' to connect with their clients. Matthew provided insight on what coaching can learn from BDSM, exploring how our personal prejudices, expectations and experiences can lead to ethical dilemmas as a coach - and how we can overcome them.

Overall, the event was highly successful in rising to the operational and logistical challenges presented by COVID-19, still providing a fantastic experience for attendees. While GCA hopes to be able to return to Easton Mountain in 2021, this year's online event provided a welcome and valuable opportunity for coaches to come together at a time of personal and professional challenge for many. It was encouraging to see so many coaches attending for the first time as the reach of GCA continues to expand.

Look out for more news soon about our 2021 International Gay Coaches Conference.