Presence In A Virtual World


  • How much do you trust talking to a silhouette?
  • What is it like for you when you are looking up someone’s nostrils on screen?
  • How do you respond to a person who seems far away in the background?

If you coach online your client’s visual experience of you sets the tone for the relationship you can build. In this workshop we will have fun as we explore using the impact of camera position, lighting, and background (visual and sound) and how to maximize the use of these in order to bridge the gap of technological virtual reality, strengthen your on screen presence and with that increased presence be able to best ‘dance’ with your client. It is not just about the techniques but how the techniques connect to the whole concept of presence.

Doug Moffat’s decades of experience as a chef, event designer, performer and garden designer have taught him the importance of visual cues in communicating to others. As an event manager, performer, and educator Doug has learned the importance of incorporating play and creativity as a way to maximize learning. He is a graduate of the first Coach Training Class at Easton Mountain and has his ACC ICF certification.