Queering Lineage: Co-Creating New Approaches to Agency & Resilience

Most of us have told coming out stories; moments of revealing who we are to those who didn’t know about our sexual identity. These are often narratives grounded in the expectations of a hetero world. As gay/queer coaches, we have something special to offer our clients, ourselves, and the coaching profession.

In this workshop, we invite you, as a gay or queer coach, to co-reflect with others on the unique wisdom inherent in your identities, histories, and communities. We invite you to focus on stories of what has shaped you, inspired you, and made you the whole, fabulous person you are--defining your joy, agency and resilience on your own terms.

Through storytelling, artistic expression, self-reflection, and dialogue, we will celebrate and cultivate more intentional awareness of the people who make up our gay/queer lineage (i.e., the people, experiences, and places that have shaped us as gay/queer men, healers, and superheroes). We invite you to uncover the forgotten & hidden stories of those who nurtured and inspired your connection to your inner strength and voice.

Our central questions are these:
How can we, in a more intentional way, know, recognize, and identify our chosen & claimed gay/queer family lineage?
How can we take our unique queer/gay wisdom & lived experience to make the lives of our clients better?

Participants will walk away with a deeper connection to their own internal resources as well as practices for calling on a queered lineage of ancestors (fairy godqueens/kings) for their strength and guidance in the present. We also seek to spark participants’ creativity for applying this type of thinking in their coaching.

Facilitated by:

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Peter Godard

Peter is a leadership and equity coach, the Founder of Great Bear Coaching, and the Co-Creator of Social Identity Coaching Lab. His coaching practice focuses on equity leadership, school and school district leadership, and LGBTQ+ life and leadership.

He identifies as a white man, queer, and part of Generation X. From his farmer lineage, he inherited the ability to grow a delicious tomato; unearned racial, gender, and economic privilege; and a commitment to justice. For many years, he’s been involved in anti-racism work and movements for LGBTQ+ justice. At the core, his coaching and facilitation centers joy, belonging and justice.


Facilitated by:

Jerry Tan

Jerry Tan

Jerry is a certified life coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training Center. He coaches people who are deeply curious and excited about their own personal development, growth, and emotional awareness. Jerry integrates the Strategic Intervention methodology from his training with his knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the Authentic Relating practice of Circling, and positive psychology to cultivate the groundwork for lasting transformational change.

A self-proclaimed Cajun Asian, part of Jerry's multicultural background is comprised of his Latina mother, family on 3 continents, and his upbringing in the heart of Cajun French country in Louisiana. These influences uniquely guide and challenge what his concepts of race, culture, identity, and belonging mean to him. Not only that, but Jerry has a varied range of lived experiences and people met from working on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, to fighting as a certified stage combatant, to surviving the gauntlet of the restaurant industry for many years. Jerry’s multilayered history and personal intersectionality fundamentally impact his coaching style and his capacity for empathy, understanding, and openness.


Session Details

Session Start Time January 22nd, 2022 4:00 pm EDT
Session End Time January 22nd, 2022 5:15 pm EDT
Location Zoom Call