Chris Cooper: Raising Self Awareness to Facilitate Action

Raising Self Awareness to Facilitate Action


Presented by
Chris Cooper

As coaches, helping people to “Take Action” is at the core of the work we do with our clients. However, all sorts of things can get in the way that prevent people from this.

Before we can effectively take action, we must first be aware of what we truly want and factors such as limiting beliefs that can act as barriers and keep us stuck.

During this session we will explore the links between awareness and action and what it is important to be aware of about ourselves in order to take action. And whether the actions we commit to are actually what we really want.

The plenary workshop is designed to involve self exploration to help you learn more about yourself, while using questions and tools that you can employ with your coaching clients. We will discuss the work we do with our clients around self awareness and why this is an important part of the coaching process.

This session will kick off the conference, creating a space for conversations with other attendees about action, including actions for your own personal and professional development as a coach. It will help to cultivate a self aware, action focused mindset with which to approach the event.

It will be fun, insightful and highly interactive.

The session will include conversations around:

  • Discussion of what taking action really means and how this links to self awareness
  • Our role as coaches in stimulating awareness in our clients in the process of goal/outcome setting and creating actions
  • Exploring a four stage process of empowering principles that can help overcome long established unconscious self agreements which can inhibit achievement of purpose, joy and action.
  • Whether the actions we think we need to take are actually the things we need to do to create the changes we want

It will include teaching and also break-outs between coaches to explore a structured approach for creating effective approaches to taking the right actions.

Chris Cooper


Chris Cooper is a Conscious Leadership and Career Coach based in Manchester, England. He help people to raise their conscious awareness and connect with the values, energy and skills needed to perform at their best.

Chris’s work draws strands from coaching, positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP and spiritual practices to create a unique formula for helping people become conscious leaders across all aspects of their lives.

He is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and certified NLP Practitioner.