Reclaiming Your Emotions & Your Body: Resilience Practices for Coach & Client

with Peter Godard & Mona Khan

Resilience is our innate ability to recover from challenges or difficulties. Our minds, bodies and spirits are naturally resilient and resourceful. Yet, many of us--coaches and clients alike--operate regularly from a place of depletion, disconnection, and the absence of joy.


In this experiential workshop, we’ll explore together:

  • What’s up with that? &
  • What can we do about it for ourselves and for our clients?

Participants will walk away with tools for continuing to reconnect with their own resilience and for supporting clients to do the same. Together, we’ll focus on accessing the wisdom of the soma (our full mind-body-spirit) for reconnecting to a felt sense of wholeness and wellbeing. We’ll also look at the natural world, our stories, our identities, and our lineages (the people we claim and/or the people we come from) as sources of resilience.

"Peter Godard & Mona Khan are Co-Creators of Social Identity Coaching Lab; they are coaches for personal, professional and collective liberation.



Peter identifies as a white cis-gender man, queer, and GenX. He is a U.S.-born English speaker with economic and educational privilege. He is also deeply connected to his extended and chosen families who represent multiple class, race and linguistic identities.






mona khanMona identifies as Brown, Desi, culturally Muslim, GenX, cis-gender, heterosexual and a mother. A ‘third culture kid,’ Mona grew up in the global south; always aware that education, skin color, and economic privilege reduce her vulnerability to harm."

Session Details

Session Start Time May 1st, 2021 12:30 pm EDT
Session End Time May 1st, 2021 1:45 pm EDT

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