From 'Risk' to 'Opportunity'

From 'Risk' to 'Opportunity'


Presented by
Rocco Cocchiarale

Risk is an interaction with uncertainty in the course of making a decision. 

Why is Uncertainty problematic for most people? 

How does uncertainty make you FEEL? (typically somewhat anxious, even fearful) The more anxious we feel. The more we’ll perceive risk.

The Cycle of Risk can generate anxiety and then generate perceptions it’s even more risky which generates more anxiety, etc. 

Point: Risk brings emotion – which can impinge on rational thinking. We think our decisions are purely logical, but they are not. There is always emotion within. 

We are going to create a true story of where you took a risk and failed… but lived to see another day. Just as you look to see if senior leaders have failed and not lost their job, your team wants to know that you have failed at something and are still around. You will first create your risk profile and analyze the patterns.

In the process, working on the Emotional Intelligence competencies of Stress Tolerance, Emotional Self-Awareness, Problem Solving, and Reality Testing. Learning more about yourself and how to help your clients in their relationship with risk.

If you are seeking authenticity and vulnerability in your team you will need to demonstrate it yourself. Once you have analyzed this you will then put your analysis into story format so you can demonstrate and be the example to your organization.

You cannot ask you team to be authentic if you aren't.


Rocco Cocchiarale has had an extensive career in various segments of Leadership Development including Executive Coaching, learning strategies, facilitation, and change management. He has designed, managed and facilitated leadership, coaching and functional programs at all Corporate levels. After a 25 year Corporate career at American Express, GE Crotonville Leadership center and Avon, Rocco started a training and consulting practice specializing in Executive Coaching, curriculum design, training delivery and facilitation, and team building. Rocco also coached Boeing Executives through the 737 Max crisis.


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