How to Stand Up and Deliver Your Message with Confidence



Presented by:

Chris Cooper


Workshop Description:

Would you like to feel more confident talking about what you do?

You may be a great coach, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to stand up and talk confidently about what you do – and why you do it.

This workshop is designed to help you communicate more effectively through public speaking. Whether that’s in front of a room, on a webinar or during a Facebook Live event—all the basic skills are the same.

In a fun, supportive and interactive workshop, you will learn a simple 3 step method to overcome your public speaking fears and talk confidently about what you do – without the need for notes!

There will be lots of “ah-ha” discoveries to help you gain the confidence you need to speak more clearly and authentically in front of others.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Feel more confident talking about what you do.
  • Speak from a place of authenticity and connection
  • Deliver a short presentation (less than 5 minutes) without notes.
  • Take home with you several tips for speaking more mindfully and with greater impact.


Chris Cooper is a Coach, NLP Practitioner, Speaker and Trainer based in Manchester in the United Kingdom. He specializes in helping people lead a rich, fulfilling life by choosing the right career and reaching their potential. This includes 1:1 coaching on career change, confidence and other areas that are holding them back from where they want to be. He also delivers bespoke training programs to help organizations develop their teams. Chris is a passionate advocate for diversity in the workplace and encouraging men to speak more openly about their mental health

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