The Power of Full Engagement


Presented by:

Thomas Keydel


Workshop Description:

Based on the book, The Power of Full Engagement, this workshop identifies the critical reinforcement areas where coaches can move their clients into high performance. Building on the three-step process: 1. Define Purpose, 2. Face the Truth and 3. Take Action, this workshop reinforces the four separate, but related sources of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The old paradigm was to manage time and outcomes. The new paradigm is to manage energy and engagement. Coaches cannot be limited advocating for "positive thinking"-- they must work with the whole individual and teach them to balance the oscillating energy of stress and recovery -- without diminishing the purpose, truth and action which high performance requires.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Discover a greater appreciation for energy as the critical focus of coaching and how to engender more energy from what a client presents
  • Use a conversation approach that enables you develop greater access for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of energy.
  • Help your clients through stress and recovery by emphasizing the need for ritual rather than rote performance.
  • Build into your coaching practice a greater awareness for the high positive and low negative states that signal different types of coaching intervention.


Tom Keydel is the author of the book, Zanshin: Finding the Power Inside Your Decisions, a Certified Financial coach, Graduate of Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, and trained by CRR Global (Global Center for Right Relationship). Tom has also worked as conflict mediator in the Massachusetts District Courts. Conflict transforms lives because it provides opportunities to revisit our assumptions. Revisiting our assumptions in the decision-making process is the power of Zanshin.

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