Story and the Three Brains


Presented by

Brian Gorman


Stories have been a central element of civilization for thousands of years. Stories are an important way to remember the past; we all have childhood stories that still tap into our emotions today.
Two discoveries in neuroscience offer us ways in which we can now use the power of story to shape the future.
·       First, as humans we actually have not one, but three, brains: head, heart, and gut.
·       Second, fMRIs show that a well-told story activates the cephalic (head) brain in the same way as would happen if actually living the event.
In this workshop, you will be introduced to the neuroscience of story and of the three brains. You will then work in dyads to explore how you can apply the power of story and the three brains in your own life, as well as in your coaching.
Workshop Benefits:
·       Feel more confident talking about the neuroscience of our three brains: head (cephalic), heart (cardiac), and gut (enteric)
·       Introduce participants to the neuroscience of story
·       Introduce participants to the human “change immunity system,” neural networks and muscle memory
·       Explore ways in which participants can use the power of story to engage all three brains of the clients they are working with
·       Participants will experiment with story as a way to achieve a “stretch” outcome for the conference



briangorman2018sqBrian Gorman is an ICF-certified coach guiding clients on personal and professional transformation. He received his coach training with Damian Goldvarg in the first gay coaches training, co-sponsored by Easton Mountain and the Gay Coaches Alliance. For the past fifty years Brian has intentionally engaged with change; for more than thirty years he has also been a student of change. He shares his learning through workshops, webinars, coaching, and writing. His chapter “The Hero and the Sherpa” was published in the online version of The Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation earlier this year.
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