Five Challenges of Coaching


Presented by

Jeff Moore


Dream big. Really big. Then make it happen.

  • How do I get clients?
  • How do I deliver incredible coaching every time?
  • How do I keep clients?
  • How do I generate referrals?
  • How much should I be charging?

I am an entrepreneur - just like you. I've faced and overcome many of the challenges that your face and getting through these five challenges will set you on a new path. Deciding that you are be equal to the challenge is why most entrepreneurs become energized and engaged by their work. In this workshop, I will identify the important skills you need to launch or expand your coaching practice. Once you tackle these five challenges, you knows? Having that really big dream can lead to that even bigger reality.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Identify what is most important to developing your practice.
  • Make use of opportunities were not aware of
  • Establish the best practices early on to insure success
  • Make the most of the environment you are in and the resources you have now.



jeff contact moore impactJeff Moore is a business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He helps business owners transform themselves and their companies to reach their maximum potential, often resulting in $100million businesses.
Jeff’s customers call him a therapist for business. He sees right to the bottom of issues, capturing their essence in exactly the right words. The effect is so powerful that everyone in the business starts seeing things in the same new way.
Jeff built a financial software development company to serve clients like Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and UBS.
Jeff facilitates strategic thinking/execution planning retreats and provides one-on-one CEO coaching.

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