Self-Care and the Helper (coach)


Presented by

Shane M. Scott


Using an Interactive format of different sizes along with handouts, media clips, this workshop will explore how we show up as helpers in our work.

Coaches often become the mirror for our client's current dilemma, and in the face of that pressure, it’s important to have some awareness around what we need to maintain our energy as coaches.

In this workshop, we will explore what transference and counter-transference is and how to manage the energy drain that these interactions create.

Participants will gain insight into their own self-care needs and develop an appropriate toolkit to handle difficult situations.

In addition, participants will identify the signs associated with burnout, compassion fatigue, and will articulate the importance of asking for help. We will also discuss the role of gender identity and sexual expression and how these identities play a role in our lives.


Workshop Benefits:

  • Develop greater compassion for yourself and your client
  • Identify the pressures that can drain compassion and lead to burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Gain insight into self-care and develop appropriate responses for difficult situations
  • Learn how to manage your energy and to ask for help when necessary.
  • Gain additional awareness around heathy gender identity and healthy sexual expression



shane scottShane Scott is a Clinical Social Worker and a Coach. Shane helps men who are struggling with their sexuality, gender identity, and/or substance use, and helps his clients develop the awareness and skills needed to live their most authentic lives. Shane has a coaching and therapy practice in Connecticut and facilitates workshops and training for professionals throughout the New England/New York region.

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