Entertainment: "Date Your Elders" with Grey Jacks


Grey Jacks Performance - Friday, May 3rd


The theme for the night will be Date Your Elders, which is the title of my soon to be released second album. The show includes a narrative of my own emergence as a queer artist and teacher who uses songwriting to impart mystical truths about the world we all live in to audiences. Song topics revolve around falling in love, ageism, discovering ones true self, shaking up oppressive systems and finding power within to break free from ones own fears to pursue what you most desire.

Performance will include a mingling of original and cover music on guitar and piano accompanied by my long time band mate Howard Rabach on the bass, vocals, keyboards, etc.


grey jacks onstageGrey Jacks is a certified life coach with years of experience guiding individuals after intense histories of child sexual assault, struggles to come out to their families as queer, drug and alcohol abuse, interpersonal & lifestyle challenges, mental wellness and depression/anxiety, breakups and divorce, family issues surrounding generational disfunction and poverty, as well as career and general life guidance. He lives in Washington D.C.. His band "The Grey A's" released their first album "My Country" in 2014.

Website: greyjacks.com; Email: aa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.