Un-conference - attendees decide what THEY want to talk about


Un-conference Topics: Where attendees decide what THEY want to talk about.


What's the objective here?

  1. To tackle a number of the most interesting/important/challenging issues and topics facing the group.
  2. To generate shared ownership of – not only the outcomes – but also the process and information uncovered.
  3. As coaches, we ask clients "What would you like to work on today?" Here, we are asking the group to identify the topics that matter most to them.

    How does it work?

    During a preliminary planning process, an initial list of topics would be developed, along with a short set of ground rules.
    If you name a topic, you help facilitate the discussion, and you are responsible for reporting out on it to the conference during a report-out session.
    Any topic that affects our lives as coaches is can be proposed. You can engage attendees in YOUR most pressing coaching, coaching business, or coaching life interests.

Attendees vote for their top choices, and the most popular topics become the agendas for the designated open un-conference sessions.
Conference participants may choose to attend any one or all four Un-Conference sessions planned.
The impact of this process is to help the group look at topics of common interest without having any specific prepared content to organize the discovery.


  • The conference agenda is and workshop build on the shared interests of the people attending
  • All the topics raised and worked on are addressed by the participants who have the most energy around those topics.
  • The ideas, recommendations, and discussion highlights are voiced during the report-out session.
  • The group is empowered to prioritize and draw out the wisdom of the group on what it wants to learn about.