Social Identity Coaching Lab Experience

with Peter Godard

This session will be co-delivered by GCA member Peter Godard and our guest for this session Mona Khan, the co-creators of Social Identity Coaching Lab. They co-deliver the workshop with the intention that the facilitators each embody a wide range of social identities including race, geography, gender, sexual identity, and class background.

In the Social Identity Coaching Lab, participants will experiment with identity mapping as a coaching tool. They will reflect on their own identities and how those shape their thinking, language, emotions, and embodiment.

Over the course of the session, they engage in experiential learning activities, including creative expression, story telling, and dialogue. The workshop is designed to build participants’ awareness of the impact of identity on their coaching and enhance their confidence in coaching within and across social identities. They will walk away with access to tools for application in their own coaching context."

"Peter Godard & Mona Khan are Co-Creators of Social Identity Coaching Lab; they are coaches for personal, professional and collective liberation.



Peter identifies as a white cis-gender man, queer, and GenX. He is a U.S.-born English speaker with economic and educational privilege. He is also deeply connected to his extended and chosen families who represent multiple class, race and linguistic identities.






mona khanMona identifies as Brown, Desi, culturally Muslim, GenX, cis-gender, heterosexual and a mother. A ‘third culture kid,’ Mona grew up in the global south; always aware that education, skin color, and economic privilege reduce her vulnerability to harm."

Session Details

Session Start Time January 22nd, 2021 3:30 pm EDT
Session End Time January 22nd, 2021 4:45 pm EDT

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