Julio Alvarez: The Technology of Courage for Coaches

The Technology of Courage for Coaches


Presented by
Julio G. Alvarez

What is it costing you to stay held back by fear?

In this powerful session, Chief Courage Officer Julio invites you on his own journey from "armor to authenticity." Discover how he overcame shame, transformed his fears, and developed the innovative "Technology of Courage" framework.

Through captivating storytelling and a deep dive into his transformative model, you'll gain insights on how to:

  • Guide yourself towards authentic leadership: Explore ways to help leaders shed their protective "armor" and discover their truest selves.
  • Cultivate resilience in the face of challenges: Learn tools and techniques to help yourself and clients build courage and overcome obstacles.
  • Lead with heart and ignite courage within teams: Discover how to foster a coaching environment rooted in vulnerability, bravery, and heart-centered leadership.

This session includes Julio's personal story, a breakdown of the "Technology of Courage" model, real-world examples from the Fortune 500, and a Q&A for coaches.

Attendees will leave equipped with practical tools, renewed perspective, and the inspiration to transform your fear into your fuel.

Julio Alvarez


Julio is a Chief Courage Officer dedicated to empowering historically excluded leaders by guiding them to embrace vulnerability as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

His transformative work combines the heart of a coach with the strategic mind of a seasoned executive.

Julio knows firsthand the power of overcoming shame, and that's why his "Technology of Courage" helps leaders and coaches lean into their authentic selves, cultivate resilience, and create braver, more inclusive workplaces.

In 2023, he launched his podcast 'Let's Go with Julio' and became a TEDx speaker, sharing his gift for storytelling and healing with the world.