Testimonials from Last Year's Conference


It's always useful to learn from the experiences of past conference attendees when deciding whether to attend an event for the first time. Here is a selection of testimonials from men who attended International Gay Coaches Conference 2019.

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Bernie Kettle


"I hadn’t been to the IGCC for 4 years, and I had some hesitation about going, wondering if it would be worth the time and expense to go again. Thankfully I went, including the 1-day pre-conference as I experienced that the conference and the attendees have grown and evolved.

"I got clarity and insights in an interactive, stimulating environment that involved group fun and play – and that was just the pre-conference!

"I appreciated the power of collaboration, powerful workshops that were inspiring, connecting and impactful. Being in this supportive environment helped me come up with ideas to claim more of my gifts. One workshop, in particular, helped me understand how to use my passion to create greater success and progress. I came away with a greater understanding about being part of a conscious gay community.

"For anyone who is a gay coach or thinking about becoming one, this is the best place to meet and be supported by other gay coaches. And the tasty food was a plus!”