Testimonials from Last Year's Conference


It's always useful to learn from the experiences of past conference attendees when deciding whether to attend an event for the first time. Here is a selection of testimonials from men who attended International Gay Coaches Conference 2019.

Michael Machan


"As someone interested in coming to the conference ... were there any obstacles or fears that you had to overcome? I did not have any obstacles in general about coming to the conference. That being said, I did experience some hesitation about attending a conference in which I only knew one other person. I would tell anyone who hesitates that I am so very glad that I attended the conference. Any doubt that I had about not knowing others vanished within a few minutes of the warm welcome.

"I was surprised by the openness and friendliness of all participants. I was also surprised by the quality of the program. I have been around for a long time in the training and facilitation business. The people presenting were among the best in the business. I was very impressed.

"The connection and fellowship was the best part quickly followed by the content and materials shared.

"The facilities are very good, the food was excellent and the location (remote and country setting) adds a special quality to the experience.

"I would strongly recommend attending the conference without hesitation.

"It is worth the time, energy and $. It is a good investment.'



Past Conference Sessions