Testimonials from Last Year's Conference


It's always useful to learn from the experiences of past conference attendees when deciding whether to attend an event for the first time. Here is a selection of testimonials from men who attended International Gay Coaches Conference 2019.

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Noor Alexander


"As a relatively novice Coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into my first International Gay Coaches Conference and was somewhat nervous about being rejected and not taken seriously for my skills and gifts. I have needs for respect, equality, and to be seen.

"In choosing to participate, connect with men, and share myself by leading 2 un-conferences, I felt very grateful to give back, offer value, and receive validation in that process. In addition, by remaining humble and open, it was valuable for me to have the space to consult with colleagues for feedback, which was incredibly useful to me.

"I really enjoyed the professional connections I made with fellow gay Coaches. There’s a special bond we have in common as professionals that unites us, which is unique.
I found the conference was an intimate size, and I appreciated that there were different workshop options available to meet a variety of interests and needs; I appreciated the choice, freedom, and inclusion to select “Un-conference” topics; I valued the ritualistic welcome; moreover, the food at Easton was very good and a plus.

"I would indeed recommend such a space for any Gay Coach – at the very least, to be aware of. I am grateful I learned about this through my partner, Bernie. And, I look forward to remaining connected with this community and network and perhaps serving the Gay Coaches Alliance in the future. I am already inspired to lead a future workshop. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I feel very blessed to have attended this year."