Unbiased Selling

Unbiased Selling

 With Jeff Moore

Sales conversations fail not because of what's said, but because of what isn't said. It's time to change that around.

We often don't say what our prospects need to hear because we know too much. Because of that, its difficult to improve our message and get more sales.

In this session we explore how bias (ours and prospect's) interfere with sales success, detecting bias, and effective responses. We will focus in particular on the bias of "knowing too much" both as an example and as a practical means of immediately improving your sales messaging.

The participatory workshop includes presentation of new ideas, group work including sales role play, feedback and general discussion.

About Jeff Moore


Jeff Moore has solved over 100,000 puzzles and uses a puzzle-thinking approach to business: What are the non-obvious choices? He helps clients create and grow hundred million dollar businesses. His background is mathematics, computer science, business strategy, CEO coaching, and public speaking. Jeff encourages everyone to approach business challenges with gratitude because challenges empower value creation and gratitude literally makes you smarter.

Website: www.mooreimpact.com Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.