Songs in the Key of Coaching

with Jim Cartwright


This class/offering will examine using songwriting as a way of exploring key issues connected to coaching. Jim will be sharing several songs he has written while studying to become a coach and receiving coaching himself involving the following themes:

  • Vows to support clients based on the ICF model.
  • A song of support for another new coach.
  • Envisioning future goals being moved towards as already being realized in the present tense.
  • Songs of emotional granularity( e.g., anger, fear, etc.).
  • Songs of inner voices(e.g., Inner child, inner critic, ego, etc.).
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Use of metaphor as a change agent.

Additionally, Jim will share a couple of sonic self-care practices he uses to prepare himself to be fully present for his clients, involving vocalizing and chanting seed syllables and mantras. Participants will be invited to explore at least one of these practices during the presentation.

While Jim’s particular modalities are chanting and songwriting, and these can be shared as tools for clients to use when appropriate to their skills, wants, and needs, the practice of connecting coaching to creative modalities can be used with whatever modality the client is most drawn to.

Specific ICF core competencies addressed include: a) embodies a coaching mindset( engaging in ongoing learning and development, using awareness of self and intuition to benefit clients, developing and maintaining the ability to regulate emotions), b) cultivating trust and safety(acknowledging and respecting client’s unique talents in coaching, supporting client’s expression of feelings beliefs, etc.), c) maintains presence( managing emotions to stay present with clients, demonstrating curiosity in the coaching process, etc. ), d) listens actively( integrating clients words into what is being communicated, noticing clients emotions and energy shifts, etc.), e) evokes awareness( using tools including metaphor to facilitate client insights, reframing perspectives, etc.), and facilitates client growth( working with the client to integrate new awareness, identifying potential results of identified action steps).


Learning objectives:

  • The participant will understand the benefit of engaging in chanting and songwriting, or other creative modalities, as an asset to the coaching process.
  • The participant will understand how coaching principles can be integrated into song lyrics or other forms of creative writing.
  • The participant will learn vocal self-care practices that can assist them in being fully present for the clients( as well as to share with clients when appropriate).


jim 350Jim Cartwright is a professor at San Francisco State University, a singer-songwriter, an author, and a new coach. He is letting go of working as a speech therapist after 26 years and is on the threshold of launching his coaching business. He has released four CDs under the name Jim e Sparkle Pants and is committed to singing, chanting, and songwriting as a daily spiritual practice.


Session Details

Session Start Time January 21st, 2023 2:00 pm EDT
Session End Time January 21st, 2023 3:15 pm EDT